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Chinese Church

Great article for your reading pleasure at the Chicago Tribune. Check it out and let me know your thoughts: Jesus in China [ how much does cialis cost | viagra order | viagra the little blue pill | cialis soft tablets | how much to buy viagra in pounds | cialis arterial fibrillation | viagra […]

Simple Steps for Eternal Consequences

This is a list of 12 things anybody can do to get started on building their heart for the world’s people. I have used this list at various speaking engagements when people say, “I am not ready to actually go, what can I do to get started?” – Ted 1. Personally “adopt” a country or […]

Marketing Genius

I received a copy of the “Marketing Genius” book summary this week. I think it has an interesting little snippet about mapping the current environment. They look at the following: Hot Spots – This is where demand converges and everybody wants to play (for example, all phone companies want to deliver multi-media capabilities). Cool Places […]