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Sling Church

Over the past few months I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about the house church movement. I believe that the house church model is, after many years, gaining some traction in the United States. It’s very exciting to me, and I am looking forward to the House2House conference in Dallas later […]

Who’s a better missionary?

The House Church Touching Neighborhoods Globally Which church planter do you think is better prepared to start a church planting movement in their new culture? Jim or Wendy? Jim was an experienced church planter from the sunny Southwest states. He had been on teams that had started 2 churches sent out from Grace Community, a […]


Matt Green sent me the above Youtube link that shows Ed Young, Jr., megachurch pastor from Fellowship Church in DFW, Texas, lamenting “Church Pirates.” According to pastor Ed, these Pirates join your staff and then have the audacity to go out and start their own churches after collecting a following within “his” church. I am […]

Marketing Genius

I received a copy of the “Marketing Genius” book summary this week. I think it has an interesting little snippet about mapping the current environment. They look at the following: Hot Spots – This is where demand converges and everybody wants to play (for example, all phone companies want to deliver multi-media capabilities). Cool Places […]

Last Week at LeadNow

Do you know about the RightNow Campaign? Great group of people. Check out their website. I was at the LeadNow event they put on last week and took following note. Here they are… raw and unedited from my Blackberry. Dan Kimball Does not see himself as a confrontive person, but sometimes it can happen. Matthew […]