World Christian Podcast 2005-08-17

Here are the links mentioned in today’s podcast:


I am heading off to Bosnia and Croatia for about 10 days.  Hopefully can post a bit while on the road… we’ll see.

Catching up

I posted another podcast today in an attempt to get caught up. I will try to create an original one this week. I leave Friday for Bosnia and will do some recording on the streets of Sarajevo sometime in the next two weeks. I don’t think I will have a broadband connection there, but you never know…

Back in Business

The podcast has been uploaded to OurMedia and is now available using
any rss feeder program.  You can also listen directly
online.  I will start working on some new Podcasts now that I got
the first one up on OurMedia.

I also opened up comments for posting.  Last time I tried this I
couldn’t edit the comments and it got a bit dicey.  Please,
please, even if you don’t like what you’re hearing on the podcast or
reading on the blog, be decent.  I would sure appreciate it!

Attempting OurMedia for the Podcast

Well, as you can see, little updating has been done to the site lately. When I posted the podcasts my server was unable to keep up with the requests and I bogged down considerably. SO, I am researching as host site. Check back next week…


Well, I have finally returned from a three week trip and gotten caught up on office work, ready to start podcast creation and blogging once again.  I really need to develop a better discipline when it comes to contributing to this site.  I am a bad boy.

As I type this, my wife and a group of women are in the next room holding an organizational meeting for their homeschooling coop.  If you are a homeschooler living in east Orlando, let me hook you up to them – they are moving ahead fast on HIGH Day.  It’s an enrichment oriented coop that meets on Fridays.