For the next few hours (maybe days!!) I will be working to "unhack" my website.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

– Ted

Under construction for a few days

About once a year I like to update the theme on this site. I have just come up with this and will be working on it, live, for a few days. It’s mostly done, but I have some work to go yet.

Thanks for the patience.

My site will be “up and down” today as I upgrade the OS and do some routine maintenance.

– The Management

New Blogging Software UP!

Well, I have spent about 5 hours converting from DNN’s blogging software to this WordPress platform that you are looking at right now. I must say that this was the easiest single conversion I have ever done. I got the same basic look and feel with MUCH faster load times. On the down side, you will need to re-register if you want to post comments. All in all, I am very happy with WordPress and suggest you check it out if you are thinking about running your own blogsite.