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Hobbies and other pursuits…

Since taking on my role with Missio Nexus I have avoided posting here. It seems like the president of an organization having a separate blog could become a conflict. However… no reason to keep my hobbies to myself. Here is my first Lytro picture. I picked up a Lytro light field camera for dirt cheap.If […]

Voice Crying in the Wilderness

A recent conversation got me thinking about this tongue-in-cheek post that I wrote a few years back. It’s still a good one! Take it in the spirit of humor, please! Memo To: Isaiah From: The Jerusalem Temple 100 East Gate Jerusalem 715 BC Dear Isaiah: Greetings in the name of our Messiah (whom we haven’t actually […]

New Role

Well, the news it out! I am moving from my role at Pioneers into a new one: President of Missio Nexus. You can see the official announcement my clicking here. [ cost of cialis | young men taking viagra | viagra canada generic | viagra purchase by phone | cheap less viagra | viagra directions […]

Missiology’s Dark Side

Herein lies the dark side of missiology: it’s essentially a rebuttal and critique of everything. No good thing is left good on the other side of the missiological debate.

To be read in the spirit of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters

My Dearest Wormwood: I understand that you’ve allowed the Enemy’s soldiers to live amongst the people you’ve been set to guard. No doubt it’s nothing at this point and there is time to countermand this advance, but I am truly sorry for it on your behalf. They look like nothing to fear right now: a […]

Managing Contacts

Since giving my “Death by Email” seminar a few years back I have been asked the question, “How do you manage contacts?” many times. If you look at most of our phones, we have a mess of contacts. If we sync our phones with GMail (or Outlook or Yahoo… take your pick) AND a work […]

Interesting Infographic on the Megachurch

Read the whole thing… the “mega benevolence” section is interesting… Image source: [ viagra benefits side effects | who can take viagra | generic viagra india | buy prescription viagra | indian cialis canada | canada viagra generic | 5 mg original brand cialis | cialis low price | cheap viagra from uk | […]

Too Funny

Cuban Mysticism

With the “opening” of Cuban/American relations I anticipate a large number of Evangelicals wanting to get involved with the country. Truth be told, there was an avenue to work in Cuba doing ministry beforehand, but the gates are now open wider. Cuba, as most readers will know, is mostly Catholic. However, a growing Evangelical movement […]

5 Stories You Will Read about in 2015 Regarding North American Missions

I typically post a “top trends” article as the year begins to flip. This year I offer this list of stories I think we will be reading about next year. 1.  Continued debate over the definition of missions Under the surface of Great Commission theology is the understanding of what “mission,” “missions,” and “missionary” means. […]