Who is Ted? Ted Esler’s passion is to see believing communities of Jesus followers spring up among all cultures. He is particularly interested in church planting movements and the house church. Ted travels international about 4-5 times a year, most often observing spiritual movements and the dynamics behind them. Ted is a part of The Living Room Orlando, a house church network in Orlando, FL.

Background Originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Ted obtained an undergraduate degree in computers and speech communications at Mankato State University (1986). During this time he became a follower of Jesus and got married to the beautiful Annette. He worked in the tech industry until 1990 when he and his family attended a training institute for cross-cultural ministry in Orlando and then, in Belize, Central America. In 1992 Ted and his family moved to the Balkans where they lived in Zagreb, Croatia, and then Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Their years in Sarajevo are chronicled in Ted’s book, Overwhelming Minority. In September of 1999 they moved to London, Ontario, where Ted was the director of Pioneers-Canada. Ted finished a Masters in Theological Studies during this time at Heritage Seminary (2002). Soon thereafter, Ted joined the leadership team of Pioneers-USA, where he currently works as executive vice president. In 2012, Ted earned a PhD from Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies.

Interests Ted’s areas of interest include relief and development, church planting, bass and trombone, sailing, home brewing, Crossfit, and the occasional cigar. He also runs and bikes. Ted loves to read.

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